21 February 2017 – Each day has its own grace

So many things we put off for tomorrow. Yet God says Today if you hear my voice. He does not withhold salvation from us for a better day. Today is the better day (Hebrews 3:7).

Being intimidated or always referring back to your previous success keeps us from excelling. What if it’s not as good as yesterday? Today has a different grace, its own grace (Lamentations 3:22-23).

My definition of Grace – God’s enablement of you to do far beyond what you think or imagine.

Today there is grace to apply for that job. There is grace for that business plan. There is grace for that recording deal. There is grace for you to have a divine understanding. There is grace for you to excel in your skill. For that which He has placed in your heart, He will surely see it to pass. We have confidence in God’s ability to do it.

God’s ability does not change daily. He is a dynamic, yet unchanging God. An everlasting God with no beginning or end. Creativity is in Him, we cannot exhaust it. We can’t limit Him to the few ways we have seen Him perform a miracle.

Today there is grace to do better. Tomorrow we build on what we did today. Don’t withhold your best for tomorrow. Tomorrow has its own excellence, exhaust today’s, completely milking it till there is nothing left.

Just like the manna which was given daily (Exodus 16), let it nourish and fill you, today. It knows exactly where to go in your body. Tomorrow there is new manna.

There’s grace today.




image from: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_Naehfy0eRiw/TKH2GxNlDGI/AAAAAAAAA6E/dDXLUDtqyuo/s1600/20081104152554_eager+stillness+broods+over+the+realm+of+boyhood+dreams.jpg

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