02 March 2017 – Divine Destination!


Destiny has a lot to do with your final destination. Hence the word being derived from the latter.

Dr Paula Price who authors The Prophets Dictionary, defines Destiny as it being

more than what one does to get through life. It includes the final destination for that life as a result of their pursuit or rejection of the destiny devised for them by their Maker.

Just as creators of all good inventions have the intention (purpose) of that thing which is created in mind. He knows exactly what it should do and how it serves that intention over the life of that product.

Similarly, we did not create ourselves but have a Creator (God) who created all things. From everlasting, He had an intention for each one of our lives. This is our divine destiny. This is what brings us joy, fulfillment and gives our lives substance. Your life is as a car that has been put on the road to a certain destination. Hence, even your life partner has to be heading the same destination, on the same road as you are which makes them relevant and suitable for you.

It would benefit us so much to know what we are destined for at an early in our lives. That way every decision and choice taken is done with that end goal in mind. For example, knowing you will be a prolific game changing business man or even prolific game changing revelator of the Word of God. Decisions you make and your interests will be aligned to growing the skills and knowledge you need to be that prolific game changer. We would avoid many bad decisions and delays.

On the other hand, fate is when we succumb to circumstances and situations that happen in our lives. Allowing these to determine your final destination, we often mistake this for destiny which is what we have been falsely taught most of our lives.

We do not fulfill our destinies by mistake. It will take determination and the will to achieve the divine goal. It will not be easy through the ups and down of life, however we aim to intentionally defy rules of society to become who we have always been.

We are the remnant! We will not be like everyone else! We have been given the trust of God’s mandate upon our lives! We trust God too much to be normal! We will remain (i.e. we never departed) faithful to the call!

Now it is required that those who have been given a trust must prove faithful.

1 Corinthians 4:2


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