13 March 2017 – PRAISE!

Praise is exalting God in an expression of gratitude!

Praise is as much for us as it is for God. It ignites the flame of faith! It encourages us. We remember how good God is and are therefore able to believe Him for more. Praise charges up our faith in God’s ability to do whatever it is we need at the time. 

Remember the parable of the sower… 

“The seed that fell among thorns stands for those who hear, but as they go on their way they are choked by life’s worries…” – Luke 8:14

God gives you a promise, the seed, and your worries about how it will come to pass and when and why this and and and and… all of these choke that seed that has been promised. 

The enemy (this is any and everything contrary to God) feeds on worry to ensure that we do not attain what God has promised to us. 

Praise is the water and nutrients we feed the ground that the seed is sown in, that is our hearts. 

Praise swings open flood gates! Praise fuels that expectation in us for that miracle! Praise tears down walls and chains of limitation!

Praise is the state of your heart. It’s not in the words you say or the posture of your body. Praise him until you believe it with every atom of your being!

What are you grateful and praising God for today?


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