We are #Saved #Redeemed #SetFree #Liberated from the law and sin.

Believing completely in the triune God and taking Him at His word is a life changing decision. We have believed and therefore received Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior. He governs our hearts, minds, bodies and souls.

God speaks, to each and every single one of us. Incline yourself to him.

We count on His leadership to make decisions and have spiritually sound lives daily. Who we are (eternally IN God) affects what happens in our lives. We have the power and authority to shape what we want to see in our environments. Each and every single person who is saved should have access to this power and authority. The more we know God, the more we will know who we are in God as we are in Him.

It all starts with a relationship… All relationships start with communication…

This blog is about what God said to me today. It is to encourage you in love and faith in God.

I encourage you to hear God for yourself today.